Best Rice Mills in Pakistan

Supplier of 1121 Sella Basmati Rice
Supplier of 1121 Sella Basmati Rice
October 31, 2020
Russia allows rice import from Pakistan
June 13, 2021
Best Rice Mills in Pakistan

Best Rice Mills in Pakistan


Best Rice Mills in Pakistan

T he: manufacturing of refined and polished rice happens with the help of Rice mills. The milling process removes the husk and hulls from rice, polishes it, and make it edible. This procedure is very crucial and has to be done very carefully so that no grain breaks. The bran layer (outer layer) is removed, called polishing. The rice we get after milling is called either Parboiling rice or raw rice.

There are two techniques for milling:

1- Hand-pounding method: which is also called the traditional method in which rice is transformed using Chakki (hand stone)

2- Mechanical Method: mechanized mills use the latest machinery to remove hulls and to polish every grain of rice.

Bin Ramzan Foods as Exporters

Bin Ramzan foods is one of the largest exporters of basmati rice in Pakistan. They export their premium quality rice to Punjab, Sindh, and every corner of the country. Their Steam 1121 rice, Sella 1121 rice, and White 1121 rice are the most famous. They have a group that guarantees the quality of their product. They manufacture by using innovative technologies to come up with their client's expectations.

Bin Ramzan Foods as Millers

Bin Ramzan foods Mills are located in Nankana Sahib, which is famous for its agricultural soil. It is one of the best rice mills. To produce a reliable product, they have good relations with farmers who ensure the finest rice quality.

Bin Ramzan Foods

They are a reliable supplier and provide affordable price. They are located in Nankana Sahib, Punjab. They supply to local markets and international markets, as well. It is now known in the market of America and Europe for providing premium quality rice. Bin Ramzan foods is putting itself out to meet the client's expectations. It supervises strictly to guarantee the best quality.

Products of Bin Ramzan Foods

According to advanced technology dependent techniques, companies can now understand the need and consumer experience of their products. Taking the demand of consumer into account, Bin Ramzan Foods produce and export the finest quality grains in 1121 basmati rice, Super basmati rice, PK 386 rice, IRRI-6 rice, and 100% broken rice.

Best Thing About Us

We produce the quality in basmati and non-basmati rice that is known for its pleasant aroma and mouthwatering taste. It uses the latest technique and machinery to come up to its commitment. The milling process is done with full dedication and loyalty. We export various rice forms to more than 35 countries which includes steam rice, white rice, parboiled rice, and brown rice.

Our Competitors

Khawaja Rice Processors

KRP is one of the top ten Rice mills in Pakistan. It has won 3 awards and was given this rank by exporters. It has expensive high-tech equipment brought in from abroad for processing and packaging. The fine quality rice is exported to many countries.

Bahoo Rice Mills

BRM is a premium quality exporter. It is well-known for its excellence. It ensures to give top quality rice and to satisfy customer's demands with the help of highly qualified agriculturists and modern machinery.
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