Our Brand

We are selling premium quality Basmati rice with our brand name,


Each grain of our rice is matured to flawlessness. With the ideal association of taste and scent, our scope of Basmati rice is the primary decision of numerous buyers all around the world.

Our Brand Identity

Aromatic - Long Grains -Nutritious

Quality & Service

To make our product of premium quality special, dedicated efforts are put into maintaining the highest level of hygiene, right from Production to Packaging. At no stage, the processed rice is touched by hand. Periodic and frequent assessments are conducted to ensure that both staff and machinery are performing optimally. Owing to our client centric approach, we have adopted the technology of testing rice at all levels where our focus is on checking multiple attributes, vis-a-vis the average length of the cooked grain of rice, its separation, fluffiness, aroma, taste and other parameters as per client’s requirement. This is the reason our customers are always happy and satisfied with our product and services and believe in continuing their Business relationship with us for years and years.

Customer tastes and expectations have been finely segmented to deliver authentic flavors that go well with a variety of popular cuisines. We bring to your platter an array of rice in fine flavors.

Our Brand Availability

+92 (0) 321 4141 816

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