• Chicken Dum Biryani
    A great Mughalai dish, Biryani is a sweet fragnant delight adored by all. This dum biryani formula is a lavish chicken biryani that is cooked with most extreme exactness that you will undoubtedly make this dish over and over to savor the fragile flavors. A brisk and simple home made biryani is something you can't get away.
  • Mutton Yakhni Pulaow
    Amazing blend of energy and full yummy taste is now in the shape of Mutton Yakhni Puloaw. Yet simple but fully delicious dish to server your guests.
  • Hyderabadi Biryani
    The perfect blend of Mughlai and Hyderabadi cuisine, this delicacy becomes a must have for all Biryani fans when made with National Sindhi Biryani Mix. It's spicy, indulgent and above all, a supreme classic from the family of Biryanis.
  • Egg Fried Rice
    The most trending dish nowadays in Pakistan regarding rice is the Egg Fried Rice. This is one of the rice dish which is liked by both children and elders.
  • Zafrani Pulao
    One the most famous rice recipe in Pakistan is Zafrani Pulao. Some people also call it Sweet Saffron Pulao; it is a delicacy made using rice, saffron, sugar, and dry fruits. It might seem difficult to make when you hear the name for the first time but don’t worry it’s not as big a task as it seems. Just follow our recipe and enjoy the traditional delicious dish with everyone
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