Suppliers of 1121 Basmati Rice

Supplier of 1121 Sella Basmati Rice
Supplier of Super Basmati Rice
October 23, 2020
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October 26, 2020
Supplier of 1121 Sella Basmati Rice

Supplier of 1121 Sella Basmati Rice

Suppliers of 1121 Basmati Rice

1 121: Basmati Rice is said to be the world's longest grain in Basmati type of rice. This rice has even got a place in the Limca Book of World Records because of its length. It is of seamless quality and has a cost-effective price. Basmati 1121 is exported worldwide, including in the countries of Europe, Africa, UAE. Moreover, KSA, the United Kingdom, Kuwait, and Qatar are also among the exporters of 1121 Basmati rice. While uncooked, the grain size of Basmati rice remains 8.05 mm to 8.30 mm.

Many varieties of 1121 Basmati rice are supplied in the world market;

1121 Sella Rice (Parboiled)

This type of rice has a high nutritional value and purest quality. This parboiled rice is best known for everyday cooking and is available in white and golden color. Sella rice is notable in most Iranian, Afghan, and Asian cuisines. The golden parboiled rice also reserves a value to be the best to use in recipes owing to its significant nutritional value plus enough grown size. 1121 Basmati rice white Sella undergoes special processing that gives it the ability to retain more vitamins and minerals, such as Potassium, fiber, vitamin B-6, and Calcium. This type of rice also provides a placidly running digestive tract. 1121 Basmati Rice Golden Sella is among the world's most costly as it constitutes unparalleled taste, aroma and length. It is usually known for its size that doubles when cooked.

1121 Basmati White Rice

This type of rice is renowned for its long and slender grains with its divine taste, which can be used in a variety of flavorful recipes. Bin Ramzan Foods are considered the chief suppliers of Pakistan Origin 1121 Basmati Rice. They offer quality rice, with its aroma, taste, and competitive price as compared to other suppliers.

1121 Steam Rice

1121 Basmati Steam Rice is a part of many worldwide cuisines and is an ideal choice for many. This type of rice is mostly used in preparing biryani, pulao, etc. that are Asian cuisines. 1121 Basmati Steam Rice has gained popularity mainly both globally and domestically. 1121 basmati steam rice is supplied efficiently by Falak rice in 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 25kg, and 50kg. while the packaging is customizable. Packaging in cotton and jute bags is also available.

Why 1121 Steam Rice?

Rich in taste

High quality

Packed with utmost hygiene

Economical pricing

1121 Basmati Specifications

Moisture Content: 13% Max

Color: Golden Yellow

Average Grain Length: 8.00 MM

Polishing Grade: Double/Silky Polished

Broken Grains: 2% Max

Chalky Grains: 3% Max

Foreign Grains: 0.2% Max

Foreign Matter: 0.1% Max

Paddy Grains: 0.2% Max

Yellow Grains: 0% Under-milled and Red-striped: 2% Max

Bin Ramzan foods provide you with the finest quality of rice and are categorized among the top suppliers of 1121 Basmati Rice. The rice they manufacture is free of pests, pebbles, and grimes, refined and cleaned, maintaining strict control on quality.

Sahar Traders is yet another supplier of 1121 Basmati Rice. They also sell 1121 in many varieties. Top-quality 1121 Basmati rice is being milled as their rice plants are equipped with the latest machinery.
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