Premium Quality Basmati Rice

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October 13, 2020
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October 23, 2020
Premium Quality Basmati Rice

Premium Quality Basmati Rice

Premium Quality Basmati Rice

R ice: is one of the frequent needs of every kitchen. Taste is one thing that differs from the quality and brand of rice from one another. However, every quality of rice is edible and has quite a taste. Basmati Rice, on the other hand, is more fragrant, longer, and fluffier kind. Over the past decades, Basmati Rice has been the primary choice for everyone based on a thorough sale survey.

Sole Distributors

Bin Ramzan Foods is the mere miller, trader, and exporter of premium quality Basmati Rice in Punjab and all over the country. Located near Nankana Sahib in Punjab, they have been exporting the finest grains of Basmati Rice to different areas of Pakistan and outside Pakistan. Besides, the rates and the quality they have has no competition.

We are at Our Best

While talking about the quality of Basmati Rice, household wives and midwives can easily differentiate between an excellent aromatic grain of rice and an awful and old grain. Since we acknowledge how important it is for them to chose wisely, we produce and strain every grain of rice with care. As we speak about premium quality, we strive to keep it that way, as well. Our rice quality is suitable for everyone in the family, including kids, infants, elders, and sick patients. As long as we are keeping our promise, we expect a good return of gestures from our customers. None of our products lacks confinement and compliance with health authorities. Our staff reserve every standard operating procedure to ensure the health fulfillment and quality that we promise. There can be no compromise over these two things. Moreover, we have many huge consumers like a massive mess, hotels, restaurants, etc. All we want from our consumers to use our brand not only for our success but also, we are confident about the quality we provide. There is a long list of compliments that we receive from our customers, which is why we are poised to speak big words out loud. Not only do we deliver in bulk quantities, but we also deliver to households at a minimum threshold, making their life easier.

Health is Our Priority

Benefits of using premium quality Basmati Rice on occasions are that the aroma and stability of the grain keep the look impressive, and they are easy to cook. Basmati Rice takes lesser time to cook than Sella and any other rice. They are highly addictive in taste and tempting in the aroma.

Nutritional Facts

According to the professionals, Basmati Rice is rich in nutritional properties by having 354 Kcal carbohydrates, 78g proteins, 8.6g fats, 0.45g sugar, 2.3mg cholesterol, no sodium, and no potassium in every 100g serving. Basmati Rice is available in different colors and sizes. The most desirable size and the color is brown with 0.5 inches long. Don’t risk your health and taste to save some extra on low-quality rice grains. It’s better to spend more and save by not getting sick all the time. Always use rice with optimum quality in your meal to maintain health stability.

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