100% Broken Rice

100% Broken Rice

Pakistan produced 100% Broken White Rice identifies the breakage percentage of 100% Broken White Rice is as 100% and 100% Broken White Rice can be as of the Basmati Rice and or Non Basmati Rice.

100% Broken White Rice is usually famous by third world countries because of its rational pricing. Additional polished Rice with minor stained grains or damaged grains is also accessible for dog feed, bird food, grade animal feed, and feed milling processes in maximum of the countries.

100% Broken Rice

 A.G.L:                                           3MM to 4MM Max

Moisture:                                                   13% Max

Chalky Grain:                                                5% Max

Broken Grain:                                           100% Max

Paddy Grain:                                             0.2 % Max

 Foreign Matter:                                          0.2% Max

Polishing Grade:                                      Silky Polish

Under-milled & Red-striped:                     0.5% Max

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